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Global Fashion Week and Awards (GFWA), is an International Global Platform for Fashion brands, Media, Textiles, Fabrics, Luxury and Lifestyle Businesses Exhibition and Expo.

During GFWA, products, accessories, global tourism and business brand promotions, fashion and fashion  press, media, manufacturers and distributors of fashion related products, services, awards and style icons, fashion critics gather together talking fashion business .

GFWA is a projects designed as a glamorous celebration of artistry honoring, Talents, Creative excellence in Fashion and lifestyle.

Global Fashion Week and Awards is globally produced and managed by  FOWWORLD Media. It is an initiative founded by its team that made up of Goodwill and UN Ambassadors and professionals. With the sole aim of using Fashion as a means for campaign cause and fashion business expo.

The GFWA is aimed at creating a huge awareness on Education for disadvantaged background and less privileged children. With the theme, Catwalk to Educate a Child, Tagged: The Global Campaign Call on Children Education, Mission – Zero to Illiteracy (ZTI), Project on Global Children Education.

The GFW Dinner, Gala, Live Charity Concert, Awards and Awardees supports, Red Carpet Donations, Lectures/Master Class and World Fashion Summit and Expo, Funds generated are totally dedicated and given to Global Children Education, supporting education for all children.

GFWA has three segments,

  1. Fashion Master Class and Fashion Summit.
  2. Fashion Business Exhibition and Expo
  3. Finally- Global Fashion Excellence Awards (World Fashion Prize Awards) the final day.

According to the organisation, GFWA is also working to reduce illiteracy, support Quality and skilled based Education and better welfare for school children.

And also to help Support, Encourage and Educate new talents, inspire new ideas, new factories, train locals and enlist established designers to get involved in these initiatives.

Many of whom are based in Africa, Asia, East Europe, Middle East, Oceanic and the Caribbean’s.

 “We think the Fashion industry will lead the emergence of so many of the Developing Economies, so the Leadership of the Fashion industry have a lot to do to improve this initiative.”

Global Fashion Week and Awards (GFWA), Is a yearly programme, staged in in all nations globally on the seven (7) continents of the world – Europe, South America, North America, America, Asia, Australia and Africa. The Proceeds of this Event goes to The Charity

The Idea


Global Fashion Week& Awards® honor the outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements of fashion icons that are dedicated to the advancement of the arts of fashion, to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry.

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